A quick motion experiment, animated in After Effects. Inspired by the videogame, Hotline Miami. I edited a three second loop of chiptune-style music and created these CMYK visuals to closely match.

Supercenter Express

An in-store and online system to allow rural customers to get items shipped to their local Walmart Express store. The project included wireframing, hand-coded prototypes, visual design and branding, user research, environmental graphics and production code for the kiosk device and for an API-fed TV interface.

  • Creative direction, Interaction, 3DZoltan Ray
  • Visual design, Environmental graphics, BrandingZoltan Ray, Will Chu
  • IllustrationWill Chu
  • CopywritingLauren Patti

Black & White

An extra-curricular project challenging the mobile design team in WalmartLabs to create black and white posters to represent their backgrounds. Since the team is spread across four states, I created a site (and title video) to showcase everyone's entry and submitted this one myself. The poster is packed with symbols of my past and interests - London, music, graffiti and Android. I created both the video and the poster in Cinema 4D.

Sam's Club Mobile

I designed key areas of the Android app, developing styles and iconography which I formalised with guidelines, and art directed work on the iPhone and iPad apps.

  • Creative directionGarrett Gonzales
  • Art directionZoltan Ray, Marianna Levant
  • Interaction designChad Mortensen, Chandan Sharma
  • Visual designZoltan Ray, Susan Guevara
  • IllustrationZoltan Ray

Spark Studio

Microsite designed to showcase Walmart products as they are featured on Pinterest. The magazine-like concept was subsequently utilised for several campaigns. I also led an effort to reimagine the interface on tablets, exploring the 3D and motion capabilities of the famo.us platform.

  • Creative direction, Interaction, AnimationZoltan Ray
  • Visual designZoltan Ray, Chris Vilchez, Will Chu

Walmart Toy Finder

In-store tablet UI to help shoppers in the toy department. I led the team responsible for the UX from initial prototypes and creative direction to the final interface, branding and fabrication.

  • Creative direction, Interaction, AnimationZoltan Ray
  • Visual designChris Vilchez, Will Chu, Marina Liu
  • IllustrationWill Chu

@WalmartLabs Social

Various projects completed leading the design team for the Social department.

  • Creative direction, InteractionZoltan Ray
  • Animation, PrototypingZoltan Ray, Chris Vilchez
  • Visual design, IllustrationZoltan Ray, Chris Vilchez, Will Chu, Marina Liu

Walmart Gifts

Experimental gifting destination powered by Social Genome. Users were recommended gifts based on their friends' social activity, alongside curated gift collections and seasonal campaigns.

  • Creative direction, InteractionZoltan Ray
  • Visual design, IllustrationZoltan Ray, Chris Vilchez, Marina Liu


Freelance, startup and agency projects.